The beauty
is a journey.

For me skincare is a journey where I encounter the best ingredients
for a safe and effective beauty routine. It's a journey through history
where I collect tested beauty formulas.


is a dream.

"For me, skincare is a dream inspired by the desire to bring well-being to the people I care about. I have come to my creations supported by my studies in Chinese medicine and phytotherapy, which I translate into formulations suitable for all skincare enthusiasts, like me. In this dream, I can create a beauty routine with reliable, enveloping, soft skincare products.

Each new line starts with my idea, which I explain to my staff, causing havoc in the lab, because I want to make flowers, plants, resins, corals, hard stones and roots coexist harmoniously. Then, I go on to test the formulations myself, until I feel like I have achieved what I imagined from the beginning."

Foto Maria Miglioli

Light and well-being
for healthy skin.

At last, the dream comes true: same texture, same scent, as in an alchemical process from which I obtain light and well-being for healthy skin. Just as I'd imagined.

Respect for people
and for the environment.

For me and for those I love, I have chosen superior raw materials, the most competent staff, small productions, a craftsman-style, uncontaminated and certified products for the most sensitive skin types, and packaging that respects the environment. A long and exciting process for my personal idea of luxury skincare: effective, inclusive, Italian.

Deals of the month

The King's Try It All

Complete face, body and hair treatment for a detoxifying and nourishing effect.

197,00 €

137,90 € -30%

100 ml + 3x12 ml + 3x15 ml + 3x1,5 ml


Hair+Body Deal

Highly nutritious, detoxifying and rejuvenating effect.

80,00 €

64,00 € -20%

3x12 ml + 6x15 ml


A Full Week of Face Treatments

Highly hydrating and day/night regeneration.

175,00 €

140,00 € -20%

100 ml + 7x1,5 ml


Weekend Deal

Highly moisturising body, face and hair detox.

42,00 €

24,78 € -41%

1x12 ml + 2x15 ml + 2x1,5 ml


Discover all
our products

Super Intensive Hydration Serum

Highly moisturising and nourishing skin repair action

123,00 €

30 ml

Superior Revitalising Serum

Intensive anti-wrinkle lifting effect

129,00 €

30 ml

Rich Smoothing and Moisturising Cream

Prevents and treats the signs of ageing

105,00 €

50 ml

Graceful Power Micellar Solution

Soothing, pore astringent, tonic make-up remover

35,00 €

200 ml

After Sport Spray Lotion

Muscle defatiguing, body skin detoxifying, instant freshness

49,00 €

200 ml

Dynamised Face Water

Deep skin rejuvenation

69,00 €

100 ml

Acquagemma + Sericum + Stellaprima Beauty Box

The perfect beauty routine with Acquagemma, Sericum and Stellaprima.

257,00 €

10x15 ml + 10x12 ml + 10x1,5 ml


Revitalising Face Spray.

120,00 €

100 ml


Intensive regenerating face cream.

222,00 €

28x1,5 ml

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